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Jumpingpound Summit

Jumpingpound Mountain is a straightforward objective that provides hikers with sweeping views of the Kananaskis foothills and front ranges. The summit’s pleasant and well-established approach makes it very accessible, and thus a great choice for almost anyone looking to explore the Rockies!

Bogart Tower

Bogart Tower is the picturesque tower of rock that stands sentinel over all 3 Memorial Lakes. While surrounded by higher peaks, this tower is still a worthwhile trip for those looking to extend their outing to Memorial Lakes by exploring some interesting scrambling terrain and getting some great views.

Memorial Lakes

The Memorial Lakes are perhaps one of the most beautiful destinations in Kananaskis Country. A narrow trail takes hikers up along North Ribbon Creek, past a multitude of waterfalls to arrive at 3 distinct and increasingly alluring alpine lakes.

Nihahi Creek

Nihahi Creek is a beautiful destination tucked away in the Little Elbow Valley. Carved out of limestone bedrock, a section of this creek boasts wildly curved canyon walls that make for a great place to explore and escape the summer heat.

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